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- You can find us at-Bretons Manor 411 Rainham Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 7LP-

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newsletter No135

We’ve gained quite a few new members over the past few months and we give them all our good wishes for their future.  To the left is one of them, Sienna, demonstrating a most excellent style.  This young lady is quite single-minded with her Archery and will do very well...

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newsletter No134

Some scenes from our shoots are shown below, including “Maid Marian”.  Chris does seem to enjoy dressing up, which causes ne to have some concerns from time to time!  Also seen for the first time is a turkey shooting.  That’s a first, as I’ve never seen a bird like that...

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I’ll begin with an item a little out of order but just a touch momentous in the history of Ardleigh.  We have achieved our 100th member.  Ella had her first session with us on Sunday 17th July 2022 Ella had tried Archery a couple of times before while on holiday,...

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Some of us letting our hair down, well the ones’ that actually have hair that is.

We do have some fun shoots and BBQ’s where right handed archery have to shoot left handed and visa versa using the clubs jelly bows that’s just for fun , well there’s always a bit of friendly competition  


Olympic Archery

If you put in the hours the and have the aptitude you could end up representing your country at the next Olympics'. It's is possible as we have had two past members achieving this

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- You can find us at-Bretons Manor 411 Rainham Road, Rainham, Essex RM13 7LP-

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