Warwick Badges

Our spin on 252 Badges

The 252 badges scheme is well known in the archery world. They are so called because on recurve it requires achieving a score of 252 points on three dozen arrows shot at one distance. Different bow styles and distances can allow you to  get them when achieving different scores.
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Ardleigh’s Warwick Badges

At Bowmen of Adrleigh it was decided to make the barrier of entry more accessible to all our members by changing the requirement to shoot “three dozen arrows” to a Warwick round, which is 2 dozen at one distance and a further two dozen at the next closer distance. 

Members this way have a chance to score and submit an actual round, which is vital to keep a tab on their own progression and can go towards their handicap.

Scores for each bow style

  • Recurve: 252
  • Barebow: 190
  • Longbow: 78 (previously 150)