Indoor Archery Rounds

Indoor Rounds – GNAS (Imperial)

(This is our “standard” indoor round)
5 dozen arrows at 20 yards on a 60cm target

(This is what we currently shoot for the “indoor league”)
2.5 dozen at 20 yards, on a 40cm target

(5 arrows per end)
5 dozen arrows at 20 yards on a special 16″ face

(Three targets – one arrow per target)
5 dozen arrows at 20 yards on a special “triple” face

Indoor Rounds – FITA (Metric)

5 dozen arrows at 18 metres on a 60cm target

FITA 18 “Triple”
(Shot on a “three-spot” face, like a Vegas round, one arrow per target)
5 dozen at 18 metres on a Special target

Indoor season at Bowmen of Ardleigh.

At Bowmen of Ardleigh we normally shoot the Portsmouth round during the indoor season, however other rounds are available to us. We are restricted by distance so only 20 yards and 18 metre rounds are possible. 15 yards and a 40 cm. face are used in the “Andy Harris” Essex Indoor League but we do not presently take part in that competition

Each month, October to March, we hold a monthly spoon shoot which is usually a Portsmouth round and we participate in the Bray I Indoor Recurve League organised by the ECAA. On a designated league night league rounds take precedence, but you are able to shoot whichever round you wish provided there is sufficient boss space to allow this. There is no league team selection for the indoor league and ALL members are encouraged to have a go at shooting a Bray I round. You never know you may just ‘get it’ and find your score is one of the top scores and qualifies for the team that month. We also run a second team to enable more archers to take part. Nothing complicated, just the next 5 highest scores. We are also in the Indoor Longbow Bray League, the team formed from the top 2 longbow scores.

A Bray I and Portsmouth round both involve shooting 3 arrow ends, with 6 sighter arrows. Scoring follows the 10 zone scoring, the 2 inner gold rings both count as 10 for recurve, but only the the inner ‘X’ ring counts 10 for a compound archer, moving out to 9 for the outer gold, 8 and 7 for the 2 red rings etc. down to 2 and 1 for the white rings.

A Worcester round uses a special black and white face, containing 4 black rings scoring 1 through to 4 and the centre white scoring 5. You are allowed 5 sighter arrows and you shoot 5 arrows per end. The Worcester round is shot at 2 faces, one above the other. You shoot your first 2½ dozen at one face and the next 2½ at the other. There is no set order to shooting either top or bottom, however 2 archers can share a pair of targets, with one archer shooting at one face and the other archer shooting at the other face, swapping after 2½ dozen arrows. You do not get any further sighter arrows when you swap faces.

A Vegas round is shot on a special face containing three 40cm sized faces arranged in a triangle, however the outer 5 scoring zones (from blue 5 out to white 1) are removed, each target is numbered. Arrows are shot in ends of 3, with 6 sighter arrows. Arrows must be numbered and shot in ascending numerical sequence shooting at each target in the correct numerical sequence. Like the Worcester round targets are placed one above the other and 2½ dozen arrows are shot at the first faces followed by 2½ dozen arrows at the second face.

A FITA 18 round consists of 5 dozen arrows shot at a standard 40cm face, or a triple target face. Arrows are shot in ends of 3 with 6 sighter arrows. For the triple face the scoring is 5 zones per target scoring from 10 down to 6, for a single face there are 10 scoring zones from 10 down to 1.

The FITA 25 round consists of 5 dozen arrows shot at a standard 60cm face from a distance of 25 metres. Arrows are shot in ends of 3 with 6 sighter arrows.

The Stafford round consist of 6 dozen arrows shot at a standard 80cm face from a distance of 30 metres. Arrows are shot in ends of 3 with 6 sighter arrows.

The Stafford, FITA 25 and Combined FITA rounds cannot be shot at Bowmen of Ardleigh because of space and safety restrictions, however it is possible to obtain 25m sight marks inside provided the necessary safety procedures have been followed (i.e. ensure that people are aware you are shooting from the 25m line and that nobody is forward of that line whilst you are shooting). This can only be done towards the end of the evening when the vast majority of members have left.

If you attend a shoot outside of the club you will be allocated a target and a detail number/letter. You must shoot your arrows at the correct time for your detail and on the designated target. For a Worcester round you will be allocated the top or bottom target as your first target to shoot at, switching targets half way.