Newsletter 129

We just completed the second in our series of beginners’ sessions and, as I’ve said before, I’m always pleased at the progress all our new archers make during their first sessions, especially with arrows that don’t match the bow weights or are too long or don’t match the particular bow people are using.  Pictured is Filip who has just completed his course.  He does seem quite pleased, as well he should be!

Our courses are just introductory sessions for people to find out what “proper” Archery is like.  The real work comes after, when we go into more detail about bows, arrows and everything.

 We always stress, though, that there’s no rush to buy any equipment as our Club’s equipment may be used as long as people wish (especially when they’re quite young) but eventually you will need the benefit of bows and arrows that are the right length for you and that are matched as well.  If people wish, we can book a room in the Manor House when we can explain some of what we do, what’s involved with handicaps, etc. The bottom line is that, to get really good, you’ll eventually find you need to shoot away from the Club more.  At first you can get selected for our Club’s Summer League Teams.  I believe I’ve listed the criteria for selection to our team before.  I could do it again but I think it’s sufficient to quote the last and most relaxed of these, which is that the person selected should be alive and able to get to the shoot!  Then you can go to County competitions and award status competitions and work a way through them.

This is the trophy presented by Tom and Iris Major in memory of our members, Jim and Jann Watchman.  Jann was our Treasurer for around 50 years and died on Boxing Day 2018.  Jim held several positions on the Committee over the years and was Secretary when he died in November 1997.  Both were good archers, having shot for Essex on many occasions, having been with our Club since they were juniors in the early 1960s.  Jann’s dad lived in a house by what is now the technical college at Ardleigh Green (hence our name) when shooting began there at Ardleigh House and that’s how they both met.  Both buildings are gone now but our Club had been shooting there since the early 50s.