newsletter No134

Some scenes from our shoots are shown below, including “Maid Marian”.  Chris does seem to enjoy dressing up, which causes ne to have some concerns from time to time!  Also seen for the first time is a turkey shooting.  That’s a first, as I’ve never seen a bird like that shooting a bow.  Ken only seemed perturbed when someone dropped the word “Paxo” into the conversation!  The picture to the  left below shows Alex explaining the Rules for the shoot.  I have to confess I lost the thread fairly early on but I’m sure Alex administered things to their best effect and is probably, even now, preparing things for our Christmas shoot next year. This was the first shoot Alex has arranged and he did very well in every respect I know Alex was concerned about how many people would turn up for the shoot with the weather as cold as it was and thanks go to Chris Phillips for organising the blow heater.  It really made a difference and I’m sure it helped everyone.  Thanks also go to members who bought extra food along and there didn’t seem to be very much left at the end.  Anyway, the turkey won a prize!  The mulled wine prepared by Chris Pollard was also very nice!