Newsletter No137

Our Annual Field Championships took place on Sunday 22nd October 2023.  The day was, again, very pleasant with lots of sunshine.  We really have been lucky with the weather on all of our Championship days this year and the photographs below show this quite well.  The results sheet for the shoot is on a separate page at the end of this newsletter.

Shown are our Field Trophy table with our new medal centres celebrating our 70th Anniversary.  These are also available as pin badges.

The picture right is our Gentlemen’s Longbow Trophy.  The hallmarked silver plate I had made where I used to work by Marlow Bros, Silversmiths, and the engraving was done by Larry O’Connell, a noted boxer as an amateur and a World class Boxing referee.  The leather bracer was made by another member, George Weaver and the wood base is of yew, made by John Rayment (now a professional actor) who was also a good shot and a former Essex Clout Champion too!  On the back, based on a 17th Century original, there are discs attached to the laces engraved with the year and the name of the Champion