newsletter no132

The pictures were taken on Sunday 8th May and show the cheques, each for £1072 presented to Sheron Easter, representing The Baby Bank and Joe Butler from Mentality.  Both charities have branches at Bretons.  As you can see from the pictures, it was a wonderful day all round!. Thanks to Alex and other members for the pictures; again, doesn’t our field look nice?! 

When our field is set out for practice there are usually discussions before the targets are set out about the distances they’re placed at.  On practice days members shooting may move between targets to complete a round if they wish (subject to the agreement of the archers shooting on those targets, where a round isn’t being shot, and room is available).  Alternatively, the targets may be moved closer but the rounds always begin with the longest distance first and 6 “sighters” may be shot before the round proper begins.  Imperial Rounds are scored and 1 and up to 6 archers may shoot.  Metric Rounds are shot  scoring 10 down to 1 with the colours with inner and outer lines and 4 people may share those.  In competitions, archers stay on the same one they began on and the targets are moved closer.  Sighters are only shot at the longest distance at the beginning of a round and not for the closer distances.  This is why it’s best to write them down as you get them so you know where to set your sight during a shoot (preferably somewhere you can find them easily!).